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Services Overview

Bledsoe Private Home Care - 24x7 Care

Flexible service coverage up to 24x7 live-in
Very few home health agencies offer 24x7 live-in care. When they do, it is with 3-5 different caregivers per week. Even fewer have male caregivers. With my Private Home Health, you can get services from me for up to 24x7 as a live-in for Private Home Care in the Kingport, TN area. Having just one person is often the key to the successful care. The less confusion, the longer your parent will last.

Bledsoe Private Home Care - Shopping

Flexibility to plan and conduct shopping with or without the patient and/or work with your existing staff to obtain the necessary supplies and food to keep your loved one's supplies stocked.

Bledsoe Private Home Care - Meals And Cooking

Meals & Cooking
Flexibility to plan and prepare meals and/or work with your existing staff to make sure balanced meals are available for the patient. Emphasis can be given to include foods that help the brain.

Bledsoe Private Home Care - Transportation

Clean and careful driving record to take the patient to all appointments. In addition, be an advocate at the doctors office to make sure all health situations are properly described to the doctor for best results and a long healthy life.

Bledsoe Private Home Care - Schedule Management

Schedule Management
When assisting people with memory loss, it is very important to have one person who actively manages the planner and all appointments. This includes managing medication subscriptions and making sure the patient is ready for all appointments. This is a major failing point for agencies who have 3 to 5 caregivers per week. They fail to manage the schedule.

Bledsoe Private Home Care - Medication Management

Medication Management
Alzheimer's medication usually consists of Aricept and Namenda which must be given consistently for the medication to effectively slow the progress of the disease. The problem with hiring an agency is neither they nor their HHA/CNA staff can monitor, administer, or get the medication. When you hire me, I am able to manage the prescriptions, the medication, and make sure the Alzheimer's patient is taking the medications. This is huge, and you rarely find it with anyone else. Worse yet, they won't tell you until after you have hired them.

Bledsoe Private Home Care - Ambulation

Ambulation Assistance
As we age, it becomes more difficult to get up and walk around, go to the bathroom, or bathe. Assistance with these items can greatly reduce the chance of a fall.

Bledsoe Private Home Care - Bathing Assistance

Bathing Assistance
Bathing can become difficult, impossible, or a point of contention. I can assist with bathing or to guide you on instances where it may be best to bring in someone else to handle the bathing if it is a point of contention or is nearly impossible.

Bledsoe Private Home Care - House Cleaning

Cleaning Assistance
Perform house cleaning activities or work with your existing staff to make sure it is completed without issue.

Bledsoe Private Home Care - Education

Family Education
Performing home health care for the patient is the easy part. However, well meaning family members often say and do the wrong things which causes increased memory loss. I can educate family members, staff, and visitors on how to conduct themselves around your patient to reduce negative consequences.

Bledsoe Private Home Care - Creative

Thinking Outside Of The Box
Thinking outside of the box can prevent issues before they occur. In addition, being flexible to be able to do whatever-it-takes gives the ability to adapt and handle unexpected situations. You will rarely ever find this with agencies or inexperienced Alzheimer's caregivers. Business professionals know how to do this significantly better than most caregivers. It takes a sharp caregiver with excellent people skills and good business sense to handle your loved one with Alzheimer's in their home. Insist on only the best and reward them well. That is what will give the best life to your loved one.

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